Monday, August 21, 2006

Midnight Express - Summer Misery

No runs this next weekend for me, work commitments. But if I could run, I would be doing the Country's Midnight Express in Columbus, GA. The run starts just before midnight Saturday, Aug 26. The route is lit by candles. Proceeds benefit the local visually impaired through scholarship funds at Columbus State University. Here's the link for the run:

The oppressive, miserable heat continues here without a break. It has been above 90 everyday since the beginning of May. It makes running a chore. The only choice I have is too run in the heat, or the boredom of a treadmill. I've been doing the treadmill lately, if this was my only option, I'd quit running. I'm really looking forward to the cooler temperatures, but the way this year is going, it's won't cool down till October. DAMN! The HOT summer nights don't really bother me, I can run forever as long as I can get some water, but it's the sun that really bothers me. As soon as that sun hits me, I feel drained, like "hitting the wall". Does the sun raise body temperature that much.

Saturday's 10K felt great until the halfway mark, I was a full minute faster than usually at the 5K, but then we turned around and were facing the sun the rest of the way. It was like someone was holding me from behind. There was even a nice breeze, but the sun just sapped my strength. I must be allergic to the sun. This year the sun and temps have been brutal everyday, no cloudy days this summer. The lack of tropical storms is very noticeable. Come on fall. I don't think I can take another summer in Hell (Montgomery).

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