Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Two Excellent Restaurants

Located next door to each other in Cloverdale, across from the Capri Theatre, these two are actually single entities that compliment each other. Both Menu's are available at either place. Forget about the chain restaurant blandness, these two restaurants are unique and very appetizing.

Cafe Louisa - Cafe and Bakery - The best place for coffee and pastries in Montgomery or surrounding area. European flavors, New England ambiance, southern charm. The crew is unpretentious and friendly. The place is cozy and comfortable. The lunch menu offers something for everyone no matter what taste, from meat lover's to vegans, from traditional to organic.

Tomatinos - Pizza and Bake Shop - The only place to get real, original style pizzas, New York Style.

I rate these two together, 5 out of 5.

There is a burrito place that is also a part of this family of restaurants. El Rey or Burrito Lounge. When I have a chance to sample this place, I will update.

This small section of Montgomery set in Cloverdale offers more offers more quality restaurants than rest of the city, and all of them being with in steps of the Capri Theatre. The only place that shows independent movies in Montgomery. So when you're tired of fighting the crowds, traffic and parking lot nightmares near the Rave, come to Cloverdale and be relaxed and enjoy yourself with something off the beaten path.

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Sheila said...

Have to agree about Cafe Louisa and Tomatino's. I love the pizza at T's, but I wouldn't have called it New York style. I love this area of Montgomery. My other favorite restaurant is Jubilee.