Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Village Coffee now in Montgomery

There is a new coffee shop in town which is an Alabama owned business. Village coffee started out in Troy and has just added a new shop here in Montgomery. The coffee shop is located in front of the Publix on the Atlanta Highway and Taylor Road. Coffee is better than at the popular Seattle's chain of coffee shops; it is less crowded and much, much more tidy. The staff is very friendly and the setting is casual and inviting. There is even a guitar in the seating area just waiting for you to play.

(Click on the Menu to find a $1.00 coupon)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

-.5 for One Minor Dissappointment. Like most coffee shops in this area, the outside seating area faces a parking lot and a busy street, BLECCHHHHHH! Who wants to sit outside with the carbon monoxide fumes and watch passing cars? It would be nice if a coffee shop would open here that has outside dining area that faces a more natural or pleasing setting. The best one of seen in Alabama is the Highland Coffee Company in Birmingham. Anyone know of others around Montgomery?

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